Are the Lightning connector assemblies the same for Iphone 7 and 7plus?

iPhone and iPad devices have different connector devices, but what is the same for both? One would think that since they are both electronic gadgets, the lightning connector assemblies used on them should be the same. Are the Lightning connector assemblies the same for iPhone 7 and plus? There are a lot of similarities and differences between these two gadgets. Let’s examine some of the similarities and differences to see if any are similar to what you’re looking for when purchasing your next new mobile phone.

Are the Lightning connector assemblies the same for Iphone 7 and 7plus

The first thing that is the same about the iPhone and the iPad is the amount of data storage available from each one. Both devices support 4G technology, which means the actual amount of memory for your phone is the same as what you’ll find on an iPhone. And, as with all phones, additional memory can be purchased for an additional cost. The only real difference between the iPhone and the iPad when it comes to data storage is the amount of apps that you can store on each device. Because the iPhone has a fixed internal memory limit, there is no way to increase the size of the data files on the phone without also increasing the size of the device.

This leads to the next similarity between these two gadgets-the ability to connect wirelessly.

Although both phones use the same wireless network, the iPhone’s built in GPS and wireless connectivity means that it’s more difficult to roam than the comparable Android phone. Also, the lack of any micro USB port makes the charging of the phone more complicated-one of the reasons that the iPhone has been dubbed the “iFiber phone.” Fortunately, though, it’s easy to charge the phone using the USB cable, and many owners of the iPhone will purchase a separate high-quality charger to make it easier to charge the phone. Once again, that means you might have to look a little harder at the various Lightning connector assemblies to determine which ones work with your phone.

Finally, it should go without saying that the quality of the Lightning connector assemblies are the same for these two devices.

In fact, the cables have become so popular that not only do many people continue to buy the original iPhone but they also continue to buy the original iPod Touch, as well. The cables that connect the iPhone to the device are all the same, too, which makes for a perfect mating. You’ll notice a huge difference between the connectors for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, making it clear that the differences in connectors are purely aesthetic.

All in all, the differences between the iPhone and the iPod Touch when it comes to Lightning connector assemblies are minimal. The component components are essentially identical and the iPhone component fit is identical, too. So, when someone asks “are the lightning connector assemblies the same for iphone 7”, the answer is a solid yes. This doesn’t mean that the assemble is interchangeable or that there aren’t differences between the components.

The differences come when it comes to the connectors themselves.

The iPhone’s are a bit different when it comes to size and compatibility. Apple chose to allow the iPhone’s dock Connector to be different than the dock Connector that came with the iPod. Because of this, the iPhone has two connectors (one mini-USB and one regular micro USB) instead of the regular four that come with the iPod. There are some older iPod Touch models that don’t have the regular micro USB connector is not compatible with the iPhone.

So, when it comes to the iPhone’s lightning connector assemblies, they are the same as the ones on the iPod Touch. But, what about the case? While both devices are constructed out of a tough and durable plastic, the case and the connectors are where the similarities end. The iPhone’s case has been updated several times over the years and features several different sections to it. The iPod’s case, while hard and durable, is rather simple in its construction.

Finally, what about the battery connector? Again, the basic similarity ends here. The iPhone’s battery connector is smaller than that of the iPod’s and the iPhone’s connector assembly is made out of more durable plastic. So, when looking at the iPhone and the iPod touch, what should you really look for? Just make sure you buy an iPhone so that you get to enjoy all of its features.

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