How do I open and edit a file on my Galaxy s8 phone?

If you’re wondering how do I open and edit a document in my iPhone, then you’ve come to the right place. Many of us who use our iPhones for document viewing and other tasks often have document files saved in different places. We may have multiple folders for documents, or we may have multiple versions of a document stored on our phones themselves. One problem that often occurs is that if you try to open a document in one of these other places, it will not open up properly. This is because the documents are not organized properly.

How do I open and edit a file on my Galaxy s8 phone

Let’s say you have a document saved in your email folder on your iPhone. When you try to view this document in the Document Manager app, you will get quite a number of choices. You can view the document from the News page, the contacts list, and even the file menu. Each option will give you a different view of the document.

Even if the Document Manager on your iPhone has a number of different views for documents, your problem may still persist.

The problem here is that when you try to open the document, it opens in the News app instead of the Document Manager. Now you are stuck, and you need to find another way out. Luckily, there is an easy way to open this document in your iPhone and view it in the Document Manager. It’s as follows:

Open the Photos app on your iPhone. You will see a row at the bottom of the screen called Shared Docs. If you have more than one user in your family, you should see this row on the left hand side of your phone. You will see a folder called Documents which contains your documents, along with all the others that your other users have created.

Tap the + sign next to the folder named Documents in the left hand navigation panel of your iPhone.

You will see the Document Manager along with three folders: Shared, Inbox, and History. Open the Document Manager app. You will see the three choices for how you want to open the document you are trying to edit. You can choose Open/New, Open/Read Only, and Export/Share.

If you are opening a Word document, choose the Document menu and select the Create tab. If you are opening a PowerPoint document, choose the Project menu and choose the Create tab. Once you click the Create tab, you will be given four options for how you want to manage your document. You can move, edit, backup, or skew your document. The last two options will display a new form where you type in your document and save it as a PDF or JPEG. Open the PDF or JPEG in your PDF viewer to see what you created.

If you want to edit a document, tap the text in the area corresponding to the arrow that indicates the cursor.

You will see a list of your changes in the document. To add a new text, tap the text and then choose the Add button. You will see the four options for adding a new text; you can use italics, bold, and insert a picture. To add a drawing, tap on the drawing and then choose the draw option.

If your document is already in a PDF or JPEG format, your job is not over. You need to convert your document to a Word or Excel file before you can edit it. To do this, tap on the document and then tap on the tool menu to open the Document Management Options dialog box. There you will find the Word document option and the Save As option.

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