How to remove all spam messages from the Galaxy 11 phone?

One of the most annoying problems that a smart phone user can face is receiving spam messages on their phone. The best way to get rid of these spam messages is by using an anti-spam application. These programs work in conjunction with your email system to deliver targeted messages at pre-set intervals. How to remove all spam messages from the Galaxy 11 phone?

How to remove all spam messages from the Galaxy 11 phone

Most spam programs have some sort of spam detection mechanism that will flag any messages that seem suspicious. If you receive spam messages frequently, you should immediately change your phone settings so that they do not appear as spam. Many spam programs will send you a text message if you allow it. This may seem like a time-consuming or unnecessary step, but it can help you remove all spam messages from the phone. Many spam messages will also disappear if you set your phone to receive only messages from people you specifically select.

Other ways to remove spam from your phone is by going through every message and erasing all the ones that are spam messages.

Many phones have a delete all messages feature that works well. To use this function you will need to hold down the send or reply button while you send a message. This will prevent the spam message from being sent.

There is one type of spam that will never delete from your phone and that is a virus or spyware message. You can prevent these messages from being sent to you by scanning your email each day with one of the many free email anti-virus programs. Once you install an anti virus program on your phone, you can rest easy knowing it will keep you safe from all spam messages. You can also set it so that every message is delivered to your spam box or inbox.

Spam messages are also often referred to as junk emails or spam mails.

If you are not careful you can end up dealing with several of these messages in a day. In today’s world it is easy for someone to come up with a new name for these annoying emails. One of the most popular ways that people describe these emails is junk mail.

One way of how to remove all spam messages from the phone is to delete the messages that come in immediately after you put the phone down. Some people do this by pressing the power key and then hitting the home key or option key at the same time. When the phone comes on again the messages will be gone. If you are one of these people who has this problem, then you should avoid deleting messages that come in at odd times. These messages might be important.

You can also remove these messages by holding down the send or reply button when you send a message to someone else’s phone.

If you are like one of the people mentioned above, you will get messages at all hours of the day. You can avoid missing important calls because of this problem. A less inconvenient method is to make sure you don’t answer an email while the phone is ringing. Just because you are on the phone doesn’t mean that you can’t check your email.

Another of the ways on how to remove all spam messages from the phone is to ask the person you are doing business with to turn off the message feature. If you cannot receive an email message on the phone when you are not on the phone then you should ask the other party to turn the message off. It might not be worth it to you to tell the person you want them to turn off the messaging feature if you can get around using another method to contact them. But it is better than losing contacts and having your phone full of annoying messages.

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