How to turn off radio mode on hidden radio installed app.on pixel 4a5g phone?

How to turn off radio mode on hidden radio installed appon pixel 4a5g phon

How to turn off radio mode on hidden radio devices is a frequently asked question by users of cell phones and other hand held portable devices. Normally such radios do not come with built in facilities for automatically turning them off. In many cases users have no control over the radio’s auto-directional feature and cannot simply switch it off. The good news is that this problem can be solved with a few simple steps.

It all begins with the use of tap-to-talk application. To use this feature you will need to press the microphone icon while connected to your mobile device or any other Bluetooth enabled device. Next, you should press the send button on the left of the mixer to enter voice mode. You can then start talking by saying the words “turn off the radio mode” followed by a six digit code to turn off the auto-directional feature of the device.

Apart from this simple example it is also possible to enter an auto responder code to automatically reply to a particular call within a predefined time period.

A similar method is also available to send a text message to another device users to turn off or turn on their auto directional features. Apart from these, there are a number of other useful applications that can help you to use such communications feature in your handsets. For instance, users can set up a voice broadcast to any contact using this feature and that too in different languages.

Some additional features can also be used to stream music from a Bluetooth enabled portable media device like Mp3 Player. These streams can be recorded and stored to your personal MP3 player and played at a later time. This means that you can turn off the auto-directional feature of your device and still make phone calls. Moreover, streaming audio from a Bluetooth device is possible even if the battery of your handset is drained. This feature is termed as media broadcasting.

Turning off the auto-directional feature of a handset is also possible by pressing and holding the RTC button together for about 2 seconds.

Then, all the buttons of your radio must be pressed and held for two seconds more. Now release the RTC button. This simple technique will turn off your radio.

How to turn off radio mode on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro by holding down the HOME key could also be performed. Hold down the CTRL key while pressing the HOME key repeatedly. Now the radio will go to standby mode automatically.

How to turn off radio mode on the Nokia XPERIA Max with the help of this trick can also be performed. Connect the handset to the computer via USB cable. Now run the Windows registry cleaner software, by clicking on the Start menu and then clicking Run. Once you have finished the installation process, open the software, and run it. The scanner will detect all invalid or missing entries in the system registry.

You should also check if there is any persistent error in the ‘fm’ and’strings’ sections of the handset.

Press the ENT key when you get to these sections. If the software shows any error message, repair it immediately. You should also ensure that the radio’s power source is working properly. If you do not do so, your radio might not turn off even after you press the ENT key.

If the above simple tricks fail to work, try to turn off the radio by holding the RTC button on the handset for a few seconds. If you can hear a siren then that is a sign of the radio getting turned off. If you cannot hear a siren or if the radio does not switch off, try resetting the settings of the handset. Press the Menu button and then select Restart. Follow any onscreen instructions offered.

You can also try resetting the FM frequency of the radio. Press the centre button on the handset for a few seconds. While holding the centre button, ensure that you do not raise the volume of the radio. Press the Stop button on the same button for a few seconds. Now when you want to use the handset again, switch over to the normal mode.

These are just a few tips on how to turn off radio mode on hidden earpieces. For best results, use on of the tips that work for you and have done so before turning the radio off. If none of these work for you, try checking out the documentation in your cellular phone manual. If that does not work, seek the assistance of an experienced person in this field.

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