Utilities function in Iphone 7 is confusing

One of the first things that anyone who owns an iPhone will ask is “What can I do with the utilities?” Most users will be quick to answer “Calls, messaging, a music player, Internet access.” While these are definitely good uses for any phone, they can each have their drawbacks. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about how to use each feature on your phone.

Utilities function in Iphone 7 is confusing

The first thing that most users will find is that the default dialer is very limited. You can store many more numbers on your cell phone and call them from your iPhone, but when it comes to sending and receiving calls, your iPhone has a very small number of useful call managing features. This means that you are limited to how many people can call you at once, and for how long you can speak on the phone.

Another common utility that you will find on most phones is the calendar. If you don’t already use this tool, you should.

With your calendar you can see who has been calling you, who has been trying to call you, and even who has been trying to text you. This can be very handy for keeping track of important appointments or simply making sure that your calendar is always clear. Unfortunately, there is not much else that you can do with this utility.

Many cell phone manufacturers have made similar utilities that make browsing through call logs much easier. These tools allow you to see who is calling and how long the call lasted. You can also see the times that the callers left the phone, which can help you determine when you should make a call next. These functions are most helpful when you are on the road and miss a lot of calls. For those who use their cell phone for work, these are perfect.

One of the first tools that you will find is the call log. This utility is also one of the oldest.

It allows you to see all of your calls. This includes call details, the number that the call came from, the time that the call was made, and any audio that were made during the call. The only thing that this program does not do is save your call so you will need to get that saved as well.

Some newer cell phone companies are including some extra features in their phones that are very useful. Most people are familiar with call waiting. This feature lets the caller waits a set amount of time before picking up the phone. Many cell phones come equipped with Caller ID, which displays the caller’s name and other information associated with the number. This can make it much easier for someone to identify an unknown caller.

Many phone companies are including a feature that allows you to look up a phone number anywhere in the world.

This is called global positioning using a triangulation algorithm. You can find out where a certain phone number is located, and you can also get detailed information about the owner of the number. This is useful if you are trying to obtain more information about a particular call.

There are many other utilities functions that can make your life easier. Many times you will not even realize that a utility is available until you try it. Utility apps make life simpler for everyone. If you take the time to explore what some of the most popular utilities for iPhone are, you will find that you will be very impressed.

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